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Dress Code

Students are expected to be modestly and appropriately dressed for school. It is important that students learn how to appropriately dress as part of their educational experience. The following dress standards are to be observed:

Clothing or apparel that is considered to be a distraction from the learning environment will not be permitted.

Clothing must adequately cover the body, including the midriff, cleavage and the buttocks.

Shorts must be of modest length, not shorter than the student's fingers when arms are extended to their sides.

Shirts must cover the midriff, not have plunging necklines or excessively large armholes.

Shoulder straps must be at least three inches wide (no "spaghetti" straps).

Undergarments may not be exposed, and sport shorts should not be seen under clothing.

Pants must be worn at the hips and belts must not hang below the waist. Excessively baggy pants may not be worn.

Students must wear footwear that protects the feet while on campus. For students in PE, it is recommended that tennis shoes be worn. Shower sandals, flip-flops and bedroom slippers are not to be worn.

Tank tops, and layering of tank tops, are not permitted.

Pictures and/or words displayed on any garment must be in good taste, with no vulgar or obscene references.

Clothing which is gang-related (as identified by the Glendale Police Department) or which promotes anything illegal for minors, such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex or weapons is not permitted.

Hair and hair extensions must be within the color ranges of naturally occurring human hair. Extreme coloration of hair is not permitted.

Students may not use hair styling products while on campus.

Head coverings are not allowed. This includes bandannas, hats, "do rags", hair-nets, etc.

Sunglasses are not permitted.

In the event a student is required to wear a court ordered device, the student must wear clothing to conceal that device.

Clothing which is not permitted includes, but is not limited to, short shorts, torn or cut pants or shirts, see-though or mesh tops, bathing suits, bicycle shorts, off the shoulder blouses, halter tops, tube tops, pajamas, basketball-style jerseys with large armholes (unless a t-shirt is worn underneath), roller skates, "Rollies", roller shoes, flip-flops.

The Barcelona Middle School Dress Code was developed through the School Community Council and is in accordance with Alhambra District Policy JFCA. This dress code may be adjusted during the school year, as fashion trends change. Any changes will be printed in the school newsletter and published to the website.